Monday, June 15, 2009

Laredo 1960's Action Comedy TV Series

Laredo was an American western action television series which tells about the rangers of Laredo, a combined action and humor with the focus on three fictitious Texas Rangers: Reese Bennett, Chad Cooper and Joe Tucci.

The pilot of Laredo was an episode of The Virginian called "We've Lost A Train", which was broadcast in April 1965. It was released theatrically in 1969 under the title Backtrack. Reese was previously an officer of the Union Army during the American Civil War. Originally from New Orleans, Chad was in the Border Patrol during the war. He joined the Rangers to search for the gunrunners who had ambushed fellow border patrolmen. Joe was a gunfighter who was at times on the wrong side of the law. He joined the Rangers to obtain protection from a sheriff. Chad and Joe tease Reese about his age: he was in his forties.

The three Rangers are led by Captain Edward Parmalee, played by Philip Carey, who was stern and disciplined. Robert Wolders as Erik Hunter joined the show in the second and final season.

  • Peter Brown...Chad Cooper
  • Neville Brand...Reese Bennett
  • William Smith...Joe Riley
  • Philip Carey...Captain Edward Parmalee
  • Robert Wolders...Erik Hunter
  • Claude Akins...Cotton Buckmeister

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mork and Mindy Comedy TV Show

The 70's Sci-Fi sitcom TV Series Mork and Mindy, a spin off of Happy Days ("Mork and Mindy" was the second spin off, "Laverne and Shirley" was the first), was Robin Williams' first major acting break which also brings the show into high popularity with high Nielsen Ratings being #3 on its first season. As Robin's springboard on his brilliant career and zoom to his stardom, he showed the audience his simply loving silly slapstick humor, his manic improvisational comedic talent and give him specific gasps where he can perform freely while his partner Pam Dawber, had to bite her lip to avoid laughing and ruin the filming.

The Mork and Mindy story about Mork (played by Robin Williams), an alien came to Earth from planet Ork riding a giant egg-shaped spacecraft, bumbling alien hatched, sent for the mission: investigate the Earth, study the inhabitants, observe the bizarre customes and cultures of the Earthlings, study the human emotions since the Orkans (Ork species) don't have any and report all of them to the Ork leader and Orkan supervisor, Orson. At Mork's arrival, he met Mindy McConnell(Pam Dawber) who been on argue with her boyfriend, she saw Mork (initially believing Mork as priest) they walk to Mindy's apartment and she learned Mork's mission, Mindy have to hide Mork from University of Colorado students, let him stay on the attic and promise him to keep his identity. Mindy's father, Fred, blame her living with a man so she told about Mork, and the story lines adventures started out on Morks attempts to understand human behavior, feel the emotions, adjust to Earth life and sums up humorously the social norms on Earth. Remarkable Mork's comic on the show were: he innocently wears clothes backwards (buttons at the back), sit on the chair upside down (Orkons sit on their head), handshakes in different style (hands contact with middle and ring fingers separated) and do many things which are opposite to the Earthlings. The final seasons of the show, Mork and Mindy get married, they honeymooned of the Ork, got pregnant and Mork gave birth to a healthy elderly man (Male Orkons have offspring's born old and age backward to babyhood).

The wild and wacky adventures Mork & Mindy, in this popular science-fiction/fantasy-based comedy series was aired from September 1978 and lasted until May 1982, completed 4 seasons with 95 episodes on ABC, now available on DVD.